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Gold Rush
Further Reading

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The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco -- The Gold Rush
The museum presents an online collection of articles, primary sources and photographs from the Gold Rush era.

The Sacramento Bee
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the gold rush, this collection of articles from the Sacramento Bee highlights the impact of the gold rush on California's history and development and features detailed maps and graphics.

Oakland Museum
Browse the Oakland Museum's virtual tour of their "Gold Fever!" exhibit and browse gold rush timelines, paintings and biographies or enjoy multimedia clips and a gold rush quiz.

Huntington Museum
Presented by the Huntington Library this wealth of documents -- including paintings, lithographs, journal entries and letters -- bring to life the people and places that defined the gold rush.

Wayback: Gold Fever
Especially for kids, this site provides an accessible overview of important gold rush people and events.

Web Sites | Books

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Gold Rush American Experience

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