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Gold Rush
Strike It Rich!

White man | Californio man | Chinese man | Chilean man | White woman

San Francisco
San Francisco Ships discharge passengers and cargo. Carts haul the new arrivals up the steep hills. With all the building going on, it seems you can see the city growing before your eyes. Businesses sprout as soon as someone has an idea for one. Everyone is busy and there doesn't seem to be any rules. All around you people are speaking in languages you've never heard! It's the most hustle and bustle you've ever seen! California is the place you're going to make your fortune.

Chilean man
The voyage was tiring, but you made it without too much incident. You're ready to rely on your mining experience to edge out the "argonauts" who don't know the business end of a shovel!

You'll encounter many dangerous challenges as you travel into remote areas -- especially when the gold becomes scarce. But finding gold isn't the only path to striking it rich, as many entrepreneurs find out. Learn about the experiences of another Chilean man during the gold rush.

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Gold Rush American Experience

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