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Gold Rush
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An advertising card from East Coast lines that sent clipper ships to California. It's 1848. You've heard that people are finding a wealth of gold in the hills outside San Francisco, California. You cannot resist the chance to get rich quick. There are three main routes to California from your home on the East Coast.

The Panama shortcut takes you down the coast to Panama then across the isthmus to board a ship up to San Francisco. It's the shortest route, but you have to walk 50 miles through the jungle.

The overland route on the Oregon-California trail is being promoted as a quick and easy route. It costs less than traveling by ship, but you'll be crossing rivers, mountains and deserts in your covered wagon.

The trip around Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America is probably the surest way to get there, but it takes the longest and costs the most.

Study all three routes and tell us how you'll get there.

Have a safe journey!


Panama Shortcut

Oregon-California Trail

Around Cape Horn

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Gold Rush American Experience

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