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Further Reading

Web Sites | Books and Articles

Guerrilla: The Movie
Learn more about filmmaker Robert Stone and read reviews of Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst at Stone's Web site, created for the theatrical release of the film.

Articles About the Symbionese Liberation Army
The Rick A. Ross Institute, which studies cults, controversial groups and movements, presents this collection of newspaper articles published during the kidnapping of Patty Hearst as well as ones addressing the event's aftermath.

All About Patty Hearst, Kathleen Soliah, and the S.L.A.
This site presents Patty Hearst's brainwashing defense, along with the capture, trial, and sentencing of another S.L.A. member, Kathleen Soliah, a.k.a. Sara Jane Olson, over 20 years later.

American Experience: RFK
This American Experience Web site presents an interactive calendar of the shock year 1968 featuring video, audio, and photos, plus more about the political unrest of the 1960s.

Independent Lens: The Weather Underground
This PBS site offers comprehensive information on the Weathermen, one of America's most notorious radical movements.

Web Sites | Books and Articles

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Pascal, John, and Francine Pascal. The Strange Case of Patty Hearst. Bergenfield, New Jersey; New American Library, 1974.

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Pearsall, Robert Bainard [comp.]. The Symbionese Liberation Army: Documents and Communications. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1974.

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