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American Experience
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Guidelines For Submitting Works-In-Progress To American Experience

Who are we?
American Experience, television's most-watched history series, is a preeminent producer of historical documentaries, related Web sites, and DVDs. The pioneer of quality historical programming for public television audiences, American Experience has won every prestigious broadcast award and enjoys consistent widespread support from television critics and viewers alike.

What kinds of programs?
American Experience is looking for dramatic and compelling stories about the American past -- stories about people both ordinary and extraordinary, about events that helped define who we are as Americans and why we are the way we are, and about the major forces that have shaped the country, including those driven by technology. We are particularly interested in stories that offer a unique or rarely seen perspective on our history and that have a clear narrative arc and strong characters. We are least interested in films that take a survey-type approach to history.

Submitted films may raise issues that resonate today. However, we are a history series. We are not interested in programs where the historical presentation is a backdrop for, or a bridge into, contemporary issues and conflicts. Additionally, enough time must have passed since the events in the story to allow for reasonable objectivity.

Submitted programs should have high production values and have had no prior cable, network or public television broadcast in the United States. Although our standard programs are one hour in length, we do occasionally broadcast 90-minute and two-hour shows.

Process For Submission
American Experience only considers completed films or works-in-progress, i.e. films in production or at rough cut, or projects that have already raised substantial funding. (We do not accept proposals for film ideas. Unsolicited proposals will be returned to sender.)

Please include the following in your submission:

Please do NOT send resume reels or examples of past work.

Submissions should be addressed to: Proposal Coordinator, American Experience, 1 Guest Street, Brighton, MA 02135.

We endeavor to look at submissions in as timely a fashion as possible. However, we ask that you are patient. We have a small staff and it may take up to eight weeks to process and review your film.

January 2004

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