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The American Hijacker

Life in the States

Quotes During his teenage years in California, Arguello started forming a political consciousness. Characterized as a sensitive, introverted young man, he observed events like the Cuban revolution with fascination. But to his family, he was just a normal high school-age boy, who betrayed no signs of revolutionary fervor.

The Arguello Family; Mary Phippeny, Oscar Arguello, Lael Phippeny, Bob Arguello, and Patrick Arguello

Patrick came back up to the United States when he was 16 or 17, and started going to high school in Los Angeles. I was up north in San Francisco at the time... whenever I would come down to visit, Pat was... as far as I was concerned, just the average high school student...

Robert Arguello, brother

He went to Belmont High School and graduated in '61, with quite a lot of honors. He loved to go hunting: deer hunting, alligator hunting, deep sea fishing. That was something that he enjoyed very much. Pat was a very introverted person. Very quiet. But very happy, always joking. He tended to take everything in, watch people. He would say things that would stay with you forever -- his words were powerful. Growing up, very sensitive, aware of other people and their needs.

Rose Arguello, sister

When Patrick came to the United States, he didn't know very much about politics. In high school, which would be 1957 to 1961, he came of age during a very crucial time. It was during the civil rights movement, but more important, it was during the Cuban revolution... That was the hot topic. Most youth of Latin America were fascinated by Cuba. Patrick, when he saw Cuba, he saw a situation very similar to Nicaragua. He saw a country that had been ruled by a dictator... and there was a feeling of... you know, if the Cubans can overthrow their dictator, why in Nicaragua can't we do the same thing?

Marshall Yurow, biographer

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