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Will Rogers Jr. on: Rabbi Stephen Wise's Advice
Will Rogers Jr. Well I remember going down to meet Rabbi Wise in a synagogue. I had never been in a synagogue before. I didn't know quite what a synagogue was. And I put on that little hat and all the stuff and went down there. I don't know what the occasion was.

And it wasn't a very big occasion. It was just kind of a private occasion. Because then he took me aside and he said, "Now, young man. I knew your father and I was a very good friend of your fathers" --which I knew was true--and he says, "Now you are getting confused, you are being mixed up with the wrong type of people. Let me tell you and steer you clear when you come on the Jewish problem or you want to meet the right people, the responsible people. And we can support you, we can do a good job for you in politics or in anything else."

And he put the heat on me very, very heavy but very, very suave, very indirect. He was quite the diplomat. He said I was killing myself with the Jewish community. But I didn't care because after all I was going to be not re-elected to Congress. I was going off to the Army. And I knew that I was right. I knew that these people had to be saved and we, the rescue committee, was a good committee.

He really didn't influence me very much although he tried very hard. He just didn't know that I was unreachable on this particular issue.

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