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"Washington Times Herald" report on the march of 400 Orthodox rabbis to the White House

Rabbis Report 'Cold Welcome' At White House

What was described as a "chilly reception" greeted representatives of the pilgrimage of 500 Orthodox rabbis to Washington when they arrived at the White House yesterday to place before President Roosevelt petitions for U.S. aid in rescuing Jews trapped in Europe and in obtaining British consent for free entry of Jews into Palestine.

Expecting to see the President personally, the representatives, Rabbis Israel Rosenberg, B.L. Levinthal, Solomon N. Friedman, Wolf Gold and Eliezer Silver and Peter H. Bergson, so-chairman of the national emergency committee, instead were greeted by the Presidential secretary, Marvin H. McIntyre.

Some Rabbis Irked

McIntyre explained the Chief Executive was unable to meet the delegation because of the pressure of other business.

A spokesperson told reporters that there was "considerable resentment" among the rabbis who had called at the White House under the assumption they were to see Mr. Roosevelt.

Some delegates speculated that the failure of the President to receive their representatives may have been dictated by the presence in Washington of representatives of the government of Iraq, Arab state in the Middle East.

Jewish organizations long have blamed the British governments desire to conciliate Arabs, who claim the Palestine area for the inability of Jewry to fully realize their dream of a homeland there.

Protest Considered

One of the rabbis calling at the White House said that if the matters engaging the President were not of "the weightiest nature" he would seek to have the entire delegation go on record as protesting the Chief Executive's denial of a personal interview.

Previously the delegation had placed their pleas for the rescue of the 5,000,000 Jews believed to be trapped in Hitler's European fortress before Congress

"The fate of millions of human being lies in the hands of the American people," declared Rabbi Rosenberg, president of the Union of Orthodox Rabbis, in a statement before members of a congressional reception committee headed by Vice President Henry Wallace who met the delegation on the Capitol steps.

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