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Return With Honor

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Three's In -- The Vietnam POW Home Page
The unofficial home page of the Vietnam prisoners of war (1963-1973), this site is maintained by several of the participants in "Return With Honor," and contains links to related sites.

American Experience: Vietnam Online
Developed to accompany American Experience's acclaimed "Vietnam: A Television History," this site includes an extensive timeline of events, a "who's who" of history-makers in Vietnam, and reflections on the war from Vietnamese and American writers.

The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia
Visit the Web site of the organization founded by POWs' wives to promote the release of, or accounting for, Vietnam POWs.

Re: Vietnam -- Stories Since the War
This ground-breaking PBS Web site presents personal stories about Vietnam collected from a range of individuals, and includes the archives of online discussions on the war and its meaning.

Return With Honor
The Web site for "Return With Honor" created by the film's producers includes more information on the film.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Read about Washington, D.C.'s most-visited National Park Service site, on the official home page of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Vietnam-era Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Database
The Library of Congress' Federal Research division has created this site to aid researchers in accessing U.S. government documents about prisoners of war and persons missing in action.

Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
The Department of Defense maintains an extensive site for news, updates, and databases of missing personnel from a number of American wars.

Web sites | Books | Personal Accounts | Articles

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Web sites | Books | Personal Accounts | Articles

Alvarez, Everett, Jr. with Anthony S. Pitch. Chained Eagle. New York: Donald I Fine, 1989.

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Web sites | Books | Personal Accounts | Articles

McCain, John S. III. How the POWs Fought Back. U.S. News & World Report, 14 May 1973, 46 ff.

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