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Return With Honor

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Primary Sources

American military personnel were deployed under the international agreements for humane treatment known as the Geneva Conventions. If they were captured, they were expected to follow a Code of Conduct established by the Department of Defense. Explore both of these documents, along with a few of President Lyndon B. Johnson's speeches on Vietnam.

The POW’s Code of Conduct
The rules American POWs were to follow if captured.

President Johnson Chooses Not to Run
President Johnson's speech declining to seek re-election.

President Johnson's "Peace Without Conquest" Speech
President Johnson's first major speech about the war in Vietnam.

The Geneva Convention
Series of treaties pertaining to prisoners of war.

President Johnson and the Tonkin Gulf Incident
The State Department bulletin about the Tonkin incident.

U.S. Policy Shows New Firmness
San Diego Union article regarding American POWs in Vietnam

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