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Return With Honor

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Online Forum: 11.16.00

What advice would you give to our young people concerning joining the military today?
Msgt. Stuart Underwood
Va. Air National Guard

Answered by Commander Paul Galanti
Do it with caution. Were I joining the armed services today, I'd go Marines. They, alone of the services, have never let their mission slide to assuage political correctness. They're the original definition of straight shooters - and honor ranks high on the Corps' agenda. Coming from a retired Naval officer that might sound like heresy but I honestly believe it.

What were your greatest challenges and greatest joys in returning to your families? Many who went to war were never able to discuss it with those who they loved the most. Are you able to share even the painful memories and has it helped you heal? I recently found my POW bracelet. Where should it be sent? Again, thank you.
Bob Grzesiak

Answered by Commander Paul Galanti
My greatest challenge was absorbing everything - there was suddenly so much to do, so many choices. My wife, heretofore very shy, had become a pillar in the community, communities that is, up to the national level. Now that took a lot of getting used to! I'm not sure how much healing was necessary. It doesn't bother me to talk about my experiences at all. I was with a tremendous group of individuals and we keep closely in touch. Despite the nastiness of the incarceration I netted positive overall. It could have been much worse. Many didn't come home and many who did were treated terribly by their own countrymen on their return.

Contact the National League of Families re: bracelets. Ann Mills Griffiths, who lost a brother in Vietnam, is the NLF's executive director.

Contact info:
Ann Mills Griffiths
Executive Director
National League of Families
1001 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036-5504
202-659-0133 Update Line

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