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David Copperfield, magician, on:
Houdini signing his belongings

David Copperfield And it’s very funny. In my library I have many, many books of his, that he had. And in each of the books, he’d make annotations in the borders of the books. Harry Houdini, he’d sign, you know, "This is a silly idea. Harry Houdini." Few pages later, "H.H. Stupid," da da da, you know. ... Boy, what kind of guy signs his own name in his own books over and over again? And then I took a journey to Paris. And my friend has much of Robert-Houdin’s belongings, which are also signed all over the place. He signed his own magic wand, saying, you know, "This wand served me well. Robert-Houdin." So it just dawned on me that Houdini must have gone back, paid homage to Robert-Houdin, and saw that this guy signed these things, knowing that these things would later on be seen and be coveted and collected, to maintain his image and his reputation. Houdini must have copied this. That’s my assumption. But it’s pretty amazing.

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