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David Copperfield, magician, on:
Houdini keeping the secrets

David Copperfield I don’t think people want to know. I don’t think people really care about knowing. They enjoy the fantasy, you know. In my career there’s been so many people making guesses, and that’s part of the fun, I guess, for a certain percentage of the audience, trying to guess how things work. I have four or five methods for each of the illusions, and I keep changing the methods. It’s not unlike what Houdini does. He had many ways of escaping from a jail cell, not just one way. He had many different ways. So if people were kind of onto him, or if he wrote a book about how he did it, there was many other ways of doing it. And the net result is, it’s not about the secret. It’s not about how it’s done. It’s the feeling of being able to do it. It’s the wonder that’s created by the act itself.

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