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Dorothy Young, Houdini's assistant, on:
the Radio Girl number

Dorothy Young My first number was the Radio Girl. Collins and his attendant would bring out a large table. Houdini would go in back and show that there was nothing underneath, no mirrors and so forth. Then they would bring out a large radio. Houdini would proceed to open the radio, front and back and the top, and lift out the works to show that there was nothing there. Then he would close the radio and he would say, "Now we’ll tune in on KDKA Pittsburgh," say. And then ... it would say, "Miss Dorothy Young doing the Charleston." That was my cue for my one foot to pop out of the radio, then the other one. I kicked my feet together and jumped up and did a curtsy. And then Houdini would take me by the waist and lift me down, and I would go into a Charleston. And many times, I went beyond my time, but he never said a word to me about it.

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