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James Randi, illusionist, on:

James Randi Having a one-man show on Broadway, your own show on the Great White Way, of course, is the goal, I suppose, of most major entertainers all around the world. Always has been. And yes, the moment that he arrived on Broadway, I guess he could say, "Hey, Ma! Top of the world!" to borrow from another actor. Yeah. That had to be the moment at which he really arrived, I suppose. But it’s hard to keep that position. If you go in for a limited engagement, fine. But if you go in there hoping to stay there for 16 weeks or something like that and it fails, then it can be a reversal in your career. He had done everything–crowned heads of Europe and touring internationally, even through Russia and such. But that had to be a crowning glory for him, to have a one-man show on Broadway with just that one word on the marquee: Houdini.

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