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Ken Silverman on:
Harry and Bess

Ken Silverman
Ken Silverman Well, they seem to have gotten along very—very well. She obviously became impatient with him at times. No wonder. I mean, this is a very, very preoccupied person. I mean, he likes to be up in his study there on the top floor, writing and doing sketches of new things, and thinking about escapes. And he played little boy to her. I mean, he played sort of Huck Finn to Aunt Polly. She seems to have taken the role of the, you know, admonishing rule-imposing mama. And he liked being the naughty little boy, you gather from his diaries. But he also enjoyed all her kind of blandishments. She was a sort of housekeeper, and she liked cooking and giving dinners to people. And he loved, you know, being taken care of by her.

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