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The Film and More
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The American Experience
Save Houdini Escape Secrets Margery Pamphlet
Film Clips
Man From Beyond screenshot The Man From Beyond
World's greatest escape artist? Sure.
Great film actor? You be the judge.
QuickTime (3.7 MB; includes synopsis)

Houdini ina straitjacket
Straitjacket Escape
Houdini performs his straitjacket escape while dangling from a building high above a city street.
QuickTime (2.2 MB)
Houdini tied to chair
Rope Escape
Houdini wriggles himself free from a long, knotted rope.
QuickTime (2.4 MB)

Dissappearing Man screenshot
Disappearing Man
Not only can Houdini escape from ropes and chains, he can make men disappear in the blink of an eye... with a little help from a film editor.
QuickTime (421 KB)

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