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Film Clips: The Man from Beyond

Harry Houdini's career consisted not only of magic and thrilling escape acts -- he spent some time in Hollywood as well. Houdini, one of the screen's first action heroes, starred in six feature films beginning in 1918, writing one and directing another.

About "The Man from Beyond"
In this feature-length film (excerpts of which are shown here), Houdini plays the part of Howard Hillary, a man who, after being frozen for over 100 years in a block of ice, is defrosted and released into society. Howard's first thoughts upon awaking are of his long lost love, Felice. Finding a look-alike who he believes is a reincarnation of Felice, he attempts to gain her love. This, as it happens, cannot take place until Howard saves her from the evil man she is about to marry. In the end, Felice realizes her soul was indeed saved by Howard and the two live happily ever after.

The Master Mystery (1919)
The Grim Game (1919)
Terror Island (1920)
The Soul of Bronze (1921)
The Man From Beyond (1922)
Haldane of Secret Service (1923)

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