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1874 Ehrich Weiss (Harry Houdini) born to Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss and his wife Cecelia on March 24 in Budapest, Hungary.
1878 Weiss family joins Rabbi Weiss in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he leads a small Reform congregation.
1883 At age nine, Ehrich and some neighborhood friends establish a five-cent circus. Wearing red woolen stockings, he bills himself as "Ehrich, The Prince of the Air."
1887 After a series of failures in the Midwest, Rabbi Weiss brings Ehrich with him to New York City, where they live in a boardinghouse on East Seventy-ninth Street. Ehrich works a variety of jobs to help support the family.
1891 1891Ehrich teams up with Jacob Hyman, a friend from his job at a neckwear cutting firm, in a magic act they call "The Brothers Houdini." Ehrich, known as Ehrie, starts calling himself "Harry Houdini."
1892 Rabbi Weiss dies on October 5 at the age of 63.
1893 The Brothers Houdini perform on the Midway at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
1893 Jacob Hyman leaves The Brothers Houdini and is replaced briefly by Harry's brother Theodore, or Dash. That summer, Harry meets fellow performer Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner, and after a three-week courtship Harry and eighteen-year-old "Bess" are married. Bess replaces Dash, and the act becomes known simply as "The Houdinis."
1895 1895The Houdinis achieve some success with their signature number, "The Metamorphosis," in which they trade places in a locked trunk. Harry also begins experimenting with public handcuff escapes, including exhibitions for police and reporters.
1898 Harry and Bess return to New York to live with his mother. By the end of the year, a frustrated Houdini is considering leaving show business, and mails out a sixteen-page catalogue for "Harry Houdini's School of Magic."

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