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Bolling Byrd Clarke on: Her Father's Dog, Igloo
Bolling Byrd Clarke Q: Tell me about, there are many pictures of your father with his dog, Igloo. Can you tell me about Igloo and was he your family pet? How popular was Igloo.

BBC: I like to tell children that Igloo was Dad's best friend. He went everywhere with him. I think he was given to Dad by a woman who found him, as a stray dog, knew that my father loved animals and as a result, as I say, Igloo went just about everywhere with him. Dad called him Iggy and Iggy was just beloved by the children all over the world. And, when he finally died, he received letters from children who said how sorry that Iggy had died. He even has a tombstone somewhere in his name.

Q: So, he would go on his expeditions with him, is that right.

BBC: That's right. He went on the first Antarctic expedition with him.

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