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Bolling Byrd Clarke on: Her Parent's Marriage
Bolling Byrd Clarke Q: Can you tell me about your parent's marriage, how close were they? Were they in love?

BBC: My parents were, I think very much in love, from the first day that they met in Winchester, Virginia. The mother was I guess the age of 7 or 9 and was very close ever since. Dad of course just adored her and said you know, children I want you to be sure to follow in your mother's footsteps, not in mine.

Q: How much support did your mother give to your father and how appreciative was he?

BBC: Oh, my mother gave just tremendous support to my father. She was there for him when he needed her and he was just tremendously appreciative of that. He always talked about it and evidently wrote a letter to us about it to, about how wonderful she had been to him.

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