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Bolling Byrd Clarke on: Family Activities
Bolling Byrd Clarke Q: Can you just remind me some of the things that you did with him when he came home?

BBC: When he was home in the summer time, of course we did all kinds of things. We went on wonderful hikes, we went on trips out on our motor boat. And he gave us each a job and was very stern and strict with us if we didn't do our job or follow orders but he also had a wonderful sense of humor, along with it. He'd take us fishing and exploring deserted islands up, off the coast the Maine.

My father had a rubber raft which I think he more or less invented for the North Pole flight and I like to think of it as the precursor to the zodiac, which is used today on various expeditions and various tourists groups down to Antarctica. It was a wonderful boat. I can remember as a small child, jumping on the rubber sides of it. It gave wonderful lift.

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