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Stevenson Corey on: His Job on the Expedition
Stevenson Corey Q: What was your job? You were the supply officer, right, you and Czegka?

SC: Czegka was the man who, being on the first expedition, had some experience with needs and what went wrong and what was right, what worked and what didn't work. So, he was invaluable and he was on leave, from the Marine Corps to Byrd, to superintend the acquisition of supplies, food and equipment. And that, he was stationed at the Navy Yard and that's where he worked. He was not going to stay on the ice. He was going down with us. So, I was working for him and milking him for all I was worth to find out what to expect, what to do and what not to do. And, he guided me and I got so, that I was his right arm.

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