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Stevenson Corey on: Little America
Stevenson Corey Q: When you were there, did you enjoy being there when you were there?

SC: Yeah. Sometimes you'd hear somebody complaining about the cold or some circumstance or anything. So, you'd just walk up to him and say, who asked you to come on this trip. Oh, I tried very hard, I wanted to come. Well, why don't you keep your mouth shut then. You didn't, did you know what you were going to get into - stop complaining. So, basically if someone complained about something, he it was very difficult to get sympathy. You talked to yourself or you went outdoors where no one could hear you.

Q: What was life like during the winter nights of the men back at Little America? How did they amuse themselves?

SC: After meals, men at Little America would, the scientists, a lot of them would go back into the lab and fool around with some of their studies. There was a lot of reading done by men, individually in their bunks, checkers or chess were played, we had moving pictures, two or three or four times a week, as much as we could prevail on the movie men to work. And, we could get the gasoline to run the generators, pretty much people amused themselves, one way or another, no set standard.

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