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Raimond Goerler on: Byrd's Physical Ability
Raimond Goerler Q: Was Byrd small for his age and wasn't he smaller than his younger brother and how does that shape his character?

RG: Byrd was slender all his life, extremely athletic, very well coordinated and this enabled him to compete very well, despite his size, with his brothers and one suspects that this early athletic ability was an opportunity for Byrd to move into areas that were distinctly his, as opposed to his brothers.

Q: Wasn't physical fitness kind of like a religion to Byrd? Didn't he really push himself physically and was that for a need to be competitive or be in control? What was that about?

RG: Well I believe that Byrd enjoyed athletic activity. He was a firm believer in working his body and even in the desperate moments of his life namely when he was alone at advance base, he still managed to drag himself outside on a daily, almost a daily basis and created a little hurricane deck as he called it , which was simply flags and ropes together that he could hang onto while walking in blizzards.

Q: How competitive and driven was he and how much need did he have to be in control? Where do you think that came from?

RG: Well, I think that Byrd's athleticism, his constant training, even under the worst of conditions is evidence of a remarkable sense of discipline, and regiment and plan. This is a man who excelled at planning and making his ambitions come to reality and athletic ambition was part of it. He was constantly training and in all likelihood, based on what we know now, probably over-trained. So that at various critical moments in his life he suffered severe injuries, especially to that right foot that caused him to walk with a limp for much of his life.

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