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Raimond Goerler on: The MacMillan Expedition
Raimond Goerler Q: What was so frustrating at the MacMillan Expedition for Byrd. What kind of resolve did it give him and how did it prepare him for his own expeditions.

RG: The MacMillan Expedition of 1925 was an important event for Byrd. It of course frustrated him that he did not have as much flying time as he expected under Donald MacMillan. It frustrated him that he was third in command and in command only of the flying squadron, but nevertheless, there were several accomplishments. Number one was that he developed as a result of that MacMillan Expedition a strong connection with a National Geographic Society, which had backed the expedition. He also proved to his backers namely Ford and Rockefeller that Byrd was a comer, that he was a man who could accomplish things and basically set the stage for another attempt at the North Pole, in 1926.

Q: Did he get a real polar experience, too?

RG: Oh, yes. One of the things that came out of the 1925 Expedition was the publicity in the National Geographic and also Byrd's article therein called "Flying in the Arctic", really established Byrd as an Arctic flyer and put him in some demand.

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