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Raimond Goerler on: Byrd's Legacy
Raimond Goerler Q: What is Byrd's legacy, do you think?

RG: Byrd's legacy, in my opinion is the continued American presence in Antarctica, the scientific presence, the military logistical support, it's the Navy that still continues to supply the American scientists in Antarctica and especially Byrd's legacy is the generations of scientists who followed those who went with Byrd. So, there's a continuing effort to link knowledge of Antarctica with the global environment and to continue to advance man's knowledge of the universe.

Q: Do you think that Byrd was a real hero and if so, why isn't he remembered on the same scale as Lindbergh.

RG: It is odd that Lindbergh you know continues to remain a hero more so than Byrd whether that's true or not I think it's you know, not deservedly so. Byrd left behind many accomplishments that Lindbergh did not. How many of us for example have ever tried to fly across the Atlantic in a one engine airplane. Whereas Byrd left a legacy of continued American and scientific involvement, in Antarctica, who can explain the whims of the public. It may be that even before his death that polar exploration, like space exploration now had become such a matter of routine, that other interests captured the public.

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