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Joseph Hill on: The Lasting Impression of the Expedition
Joseph Hill Q: What moves you so about it, what moves you so now?

JH: Well, a great deal of memory and I feel a little sadness. A great deal of pride. I'm glad I did it. I'd do it again. I loved it. Great comrades, great friendships. Lasting relations. I think that about does it.

Q: In what way did Antarctica change your life and what was your feeling about the place that you carried away from there?

JH: The expedition impacted my life. It was a turning point. Just from a practical viewpoint it gave me an entree to every circumstance thereafter, including some of the jobs that I had to do, some of the technical work that I had to do, cold weather work on airplanes, during World War II up at Ladd Field Alaska. It humbled me. I don't think there's a man alive that can go through a winter night down there, walk the barrier, feel the immensity, the magnitude, the magnificence of the place. Their words don't fit. 600 times as many stars as you can see on a clear mountain top in the United States, hear your breath crack and hear only the sound of your steps in the snow as you walk if you're out there alone. It's a magnificent humbling feeling

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