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Norman Vaughan on: His First Impression of Admiral Byrd
Norman Vaughan Q: Tell me about what was your first impression of Admiral Byrd when you met him?

NV: I met him eleven months after I'd been working for him. He came to New Hampshire to see us and I was excited, of course, and we met under very favorable conditions outdoors and we had lunch and then he left.

Q: What was your impression of him?

NV: Liked him very much. He was my hero and then I had a chance to have shaken his hand, talked with him and he complimented us on our year's work. It was eleven months after we'd started. And when I say use the word "we", let me say that after I had started working at his dog kennel in New Hampshire, I telephoned Edward Goodale, and said, Ed, this is wonderful. I drive dogs all day. You've got to come. Gamble with me and if we don't make it we'll go back to college and he did come right away and together we worked about two weeks, when we telephoned Freddy Crockett and asked him to come and gamble with us and we'd go back to college if we didn't make it. But there was no need of that because when Admiral Byrd came up to see us he took us all.

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