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Norman Vaughan on: Conditions at Little America
Norman Vaughan Q: Can you describe Little America? What was the living situation like? How much individual room did everybody have?

NV: The living space was cramped as it could be. I lived on a second tier of a bunk, of a two tiered bunk and had no mattress. I lived on boards. There were forty-one mattresses and I was the one without a mattress. Forty-two of us spent the winter night but I had my sleeping bag down on slats and slept very comfortably after you learned how do it. For my hip bone I had the slats open a little bit.

Q: Was it very, very crowded?

NV: Oh yes of course it was.

Q: Was it like living in the same place?

NV: In the house where I was, it was a very small quarters and two tiered bunks on four walls and just a stove and that's all there was in that room. Very crowded.

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