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Norman Vaughan on: Keeping Busy at Little America
Norman Vaughan Q: What did you all do during the week? What kept you busy?

NV: We were, the dog drivers were busy preparing for the next year. At least Goodale, Crockett and I were for the next season for we had been appointed to the geological team, the geological survey team. And we had equipment and food and ourselves to get ready for that trip and we were busy every single day.

Q: What was the effect on months of confinement on all the men at Little America? Did people grate on each other?

NV: Of course but Byrd was clever about that. He would spot something like that quickly and in one case a man became very homesick for his wife and for his home and nobody seemed to know what to do about it. I'll tell you his conduct was as follows. He didn't want to get up to eat. He'd stay in bed and get probably one meal a day and as soon as he got up he eat and as soon as finished he'd eat and go back to bed. He read a little but it was always isolated and always in bed. Well Byrd took that situation under control and called him aside and said, I have something very secretive. Who can I get in camp to help me with a secret that I've got to have a job done and nobody should know what's going on. Who can I choose in camp and he was talking to the very man he wanted, and the fella said well, so and so and so and so. And Byrd said, as I talked to you maybe you could do that job. Would you take it on for me? The fellow was enthusiastic and the job was to dig a tunnel to hide something to be brought back at the time we left the ice. And so the tunnel was being built by this man day in and day out he'd start and work on this tunnel underground and it worked. He worked hard. He got back on his feet. He got up in the morning and had three meals a day and worked and that's how Byrd got him to do it.

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