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Scott, Wilson and Shackleton
Robert Scott, Edward Wilson and Ernest Shackleton make the first attempt to reach the South Pole. They covered over 700 miles and reached a latitude of 82 degrees south before being forced to turn back.


Great Britain's Ernest Shackleton, Frank Wild, Eric Marshall and Jameson Adams begin their attempt to reach the South Pole. Only 112 miles from the Pole, in poor health and near starvation, they are forced to cut short their quest.


Attempt to South Pole
Edgeworth David, Douglas Mawson and Alistar McKay reach the South Magnetic Pole.

Robert Peary, having started his dash to the North Pole a month earlier, reaches his destination on April 6th.


Norwegian Roald Amundsen, along with four others, arrives at the South Pole.


Englishmen Robert Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Edgar Evans and Lawrence Oates reach the South Pole. Scott's log of the event reads, "Great God! This is an awful place and terrible enough for us to have laboured to it without the reward of priority."

Scott, Wilson, and Bowers die on their return journey. They were only 11 miles from the next depot spot where provisions were awaiting them.


Cross Antartica
Determined "to start a last great journey" Ernest Shackleton attempts to cross Antarctica. Shackleton never reaches the continent, however. His ship, "The Endurance, " is stuck in a Weddell Sea ice pack for 281 days before finally being crushed. Shackleton and crew were able to escape the doomed vessel and take refuge on Elephant Island.

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