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Gallery: Weddings, Vegas Style

In 2004, 5.5% of all weddings in the United States were performed in Las Vegas. The style of a Las Vegas wedding is limited only by a couple's imagination and budget -- you don't even have to get out of your car.

Valentine's Day is always a big day for Las Vegas wedding chapels, but the peak occurred on August 26, 1965, when 171 weddings were performed in the three hours just before midnight. It was the last day to get a draft deferment for being married during the Vietnam War.

Once married, couples are already in a great location for a honeymoon. But they should be careful. Supercasino author Pete Earley tells the story of one couple who got carried away gambling and quickly lost the $4,000 received from generous well-wishers

Browse this selection of Las Vegas wedding images, many from photographer Lauren Klain Carton's Vegas Valentines project.

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