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An Unconventional History

'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign Imagine a time machine in which you can travel to Las Vegas and experience it as it was in any era.

To which period in Las Vegas's diverse history do you tell your time machine to go?

1905: The City of Possibility
Come in on the railroad and we'll refund your $16 train ticket if you purchase land lots for only $100 -- a great investment opportunity!

1932: The City of Prosperity
Be one of the first to see the Boulder Dam, increasing railroads and attractions, marry in a Las Vegas chapel (long before Elvis could be your witness) and settle down on your $5 per acre land. No need to hide that money you won -- casino gambling was legalized just last year!

1947: The City of Sin
Throw the dice and live in luxury. Mobster Bugsy Siegel's grand hotel the Flamingo opens -- with air-conditioning! -- on the developing Las Vegas Strip!

1952: The Atomic City
Witness history being made from your own living room. The atomic bomb is tested a mere 65 miles from the city. Go celebrate with an "atomic cocktail" or get an "atomic hairdo," since atomic power is now considered a Las Vegas tourist attraction!

1965: The City of Entertainment
Relax at luxurious hotel-casinos like Caesars Palace and be entertained by larger-than-life celebrities like The Rat Pack, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, and the Marx Brothers! Even more than New York City, Las Vegas is now "The Entertainment Capital of the World!"

1993: Family Fun
Your whole family will be treated like royalty in one of the new mega-resorts that make Las Vegas one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Gamble, shop, and live large in The Mirage, Luxor, or MGM Grand!

2005: The Centennial
Celebrate Las Vegas with fireworks, concerts, shows, festivals, and the newest additions to the Strip!

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