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Postcards from Vegas

Thirty-six million people visited Las Vegas in the year 2000 and the number of tourists keeps growing -- city officials anticipate 40 million visitors in 2005.

Even if you are not visiting "Sin City" this year, you can send an electronic Las Vegas postcard to a friend. Not sure what to write? How about: "Meet me in Las Vegas."

Choose a postcard, then write a message.

Postcard 1: 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada' sign -- Las Vegas: An Unconventional History Postcard 2: Pioneer Club postcard with atomic bomb blast. Postcard 3: Rat Pack in front of Sands marquee. Postcard 4: Floating craps table Postcard 5: 'Just Married!' Las Vegas.
Postcard 4: Floating craps table message

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Las Vegas: An Unconventional History American Experience

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