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The Film and More
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The American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Produced and Directed by Stephen Ives

Written by Geoffrey C. Ward

Narrated by Stacy Keach

Producer Ken Burns

Edited by Juliet Weber

Associates Producers Michael Kantor, Bruce Alfred

Director of Photography Buddy Squires

Music by Mark Bennett

Assistant Editor Rachel Warden

Sound Editors. Richard Smigielski, Jonathan Oppenheim

Sound Recordists Charles Meyer, John Zecca Mark Mandler, Jeff Kenton, Matt Quest Bob Silverthorne, Jan Cyr

Additional Cinematography Ken Burns, Mead Hunt Allen Moore

Apprentice Editor Janine St. Germain

Production Assistants Michael Alberts, Heidi Coleman James Kanter

Consultants Alan Brinkley, Kenneth S. Davis William E. Leuchtenburg, Tom D. Crouch Richard S. Slotkin

Musical Consultant Joseph Lauro

Film-to-Tape Transfer John J. Dowdell III

Opticals & Effects John Alagna

Animation Photography George Davis

Negative Matching Noelle Penraat

Re-recording Mixer Rick Dior

Music Engineer Dennis Wall

FILM COLLECTIONS Archive Film Productions; DOD Motion Media Record Center Fox Movietonews; Hearst Metrotone News International Olympic Committee; The National Archives San Diego Aerospace Museum; Sherman Grinberg Film Library Smithsonian Institution National Air & Space Museum UCLA Film and Television Archive University of South Carolina Motion Picture Archives

PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS American Heritage Magazine; The Bettmann Archive Richard Brown; Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site Cradle of Aviation Museum; The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Duane Jacobsen; The Library of Congress Martin Luther King Library; Washington Star Morgue Collection Minnesota Historical Society; Missouri Historical Society Musee de L'Air; Nassau County Museum The National Archives; Pan American Airlines Ryan Aeronautical Library, Inc.; Time Magazine

John W. Underwood Archive; Bernard Seaman World Wide Photos; Yale University Library The Lindbergh Picture Collection; YIVO Institute

THANKS Toby Shimin; Paul Barnes; Ric Burns Samuel G. Perry; Martin Smith Willis M. Allen, Jr.; Ed Barteski Ruth Sarles Benedict; Georgia Borthwick Gene Bratsch; Lou Caputo; Wayne Cole George Dade;

The Explorers Club Raye Farr; Joe Foss; Russell Fridley Paul Garber; Hal Gray; Hotel Hana Maui Bill Immenschuh The International Aerospace Hall of Fame Hunter Johnson; Peter Langston Marty Laster; La Valencia Hotel

Joshua Levin; The Charles A. Lindbergh Fund Pete Madison, 475th Fighter Group; Bill Nisselson Sarah Perry; Wayne Price; Barbara Robbins Judy Schiff; Simon Goodman Picture Company Kay Smith; Richard Snow; Stouffer's Wailea Beach Resort Ann Van de Water Condelli; Kenneth Van de Water, Jr. Doug Vernon; Ray Wagner

SPECIAL THANKS Lee Fikes; Jean Streeter; Chuck Stone Daniel C. Esty; David 0. Ives; Robert A. Wilson Holly Tank; James Dougherty

This program was made possible in part by a grant from THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES

for The American Experience

Post-Production Harlan Reiniger, Eileen Mulvey

Field Production Larry Lecain, Chas Norton Bob McCausland

Graphic Design Chris Pullman, Alison Kennedy

Videotape Editing Mark Steele, Jim Deering

Series Theme Charles Kuskin

Project Administration Marisol Navas, Lisa Jones Cori Couture, Nancy Farrell Leslie Gifford, Letty Hummel

Publicity Director Michael Shepley

Associate Producer LAURIE Kahn-Leavitt

Staff Producer Judith Quain

Business Manager Susan Mottau

Senior Advisor Louis Wiley, Jr.

Series Editor Llewellyn Smith

Senior Producer Margaret Drain

Executive Producer Judy Crichton

An Insignia Films Production for The American Experience
WGBH Educational Foundation Thirteen/WNET and Insignia Films Copyright 1990 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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