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Anne Morrow Lindbergh on:
Charles Lindbergh

Anne Morrow Lindbergh Q: Who was Charles Lindbergh?

AML: Yes, well that's what my father said when I was going to marry him. Well, more or less he said, "What do we know about this young man?" And so I think probably one knew more about him than one knew about most people.

Q: Why are we still drawn to him?

AML: Oh! He's been made an American hero, I think. And partly that he did it alone. And I think that's quite American, actually, to do things alone. And though he was very much interested in the rocket flyers and the ones that really went to the Moon. He was very much interested in that.

Q: What was it like when he arrived in Mexico and you first saw him?

AML: Well, I wasn't there when he arrived. I was in college. And I came down later and it was my younger sister who went out in the car, into the field, and they got stuck and it took hours to get back and so forth. But I just remember him, meeting him as this rather tall and good-looking and shy young man--standing in the door, standing at the top of the stairs.

Q: One line stuck in my head from your book you wrote, "My embroidery beribboned world is smashed."

AML: I had different beaus who used to take me out, and none of them were anything compared to him. I don't think he was interested in me and my mother warned us, he won't talk at the table. Don't try to make conversation with him. So I didn't. I just sat absolutely quiet. And that's what he said he had remembered. I was the first woman he sat next to who didn't try to talk to him.

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