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Anne Morrow Lindbergh on:
Charles' Passing Away

Anne Morrow Lindbergh Q: I found the end of his life had incredible dignity.

AML: He wanted to die in Hawaii and he, I guess thought it would be quieter, and it was, there's no doubt about it, as long as we could get on the plane without any problem, which we could. His great friend and publisher carried the stretcher part of the way-- got him on the plane.

Q: In a way he sort of came full circle in that.

AML: I talked to my old doctor, who had also been his doctor for a while and I said, well, suppose he dies in the plane? Well, he said how appropriate that would be

Q: Why do you think it was so important for him to be there?

AML: I think some of it was because he loved Hawaii and some of it was he didn't want to die in a hospital. And, he thought there would be less problems, and he was quite right, there were. It was the doctor, whom he knew, came and met us at the airport. Somebody else lent us a house which was nearer. Our house would have been very difficult cause it was so far away. It was just wonderful the way it all worked out. And I think that the last ten days, he lived ten days after he left the hospital were very peaceful and quite timeless, really rather way of coming in. It was very smooth, no question about it that he was.

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