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Anne Morrow Lindbergh on:
The Legacy of Charles Lindbergh

Anne Morrow Lindbergh Q: What should the world remember, do you think, about Charles Lindbergh?

AML: His curiosity about many things, because he had it in the physical world as well as in an active world.

Q: Why is it that we are still drawn to him?

AML: Because he was alone, I think, and now a days nobody goes on an adventure. The astronauts were not alone. But he did feel, which was the astronaut who was flying around, alone.

Q: Do you think, do you think he was a hero?

AML: I think he did what he wanted to do, always. He did what he wanted to do and that is probably being a hero. Or what he felt he could do. He didn't see much of his father, but he was brought up to do the things that a man would do, at a very early age. Because they were separated and apart a lot of the time.

Q: It's funny because in the end, I think Paris was just the beginning for him.

AML: In spite of his books, I really don't know why he did it. He certainly didn't do it for that prize. He felt he could do it. That's all in his book. And I think he would have liked to have gone around the world. He was rather upset at being sent back on a cruiser. That wasn't what he wanted.

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