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Jon Lindbergh on:
His Father, Charles Lindbergh

Jon Lindbergh Q: Who was Charles Lindbergh?

JL: Well that's an interesting question. To me he was my father. He cared a lot about what he did, he put a lot of attention, a lot of effort. He tried to encourage us as his children to go with our own particular interests.

Q: What kind of father was he?

JL: You know he was, I would say, dominant not particularly domineering. Whatever he got us involved into he tended to get into fully himself. He encouraged us to explore whatever we were really interested in, let us do things. I remember he let me take a small boat out on Long Island Sound, under bad weather most of the year. Now if it had been my son, in fact when it was my son doing these things, I worried quite a lot. He would accept that responsibility or that risk feeling that the benefits were higher than the risks. And I think he was right. One needs to spread your wings a little bit. You have to take some chances. What you learn from it, the confidence that it gives you, I have found very important. When we were grown, he supported what I did, sometimes almost too much. He wasn't particularly critical of ideas I had as an adult. He'd taught me how to fly, let me take a parachute jump, once. He was flying the plane. And let me run that lobster skiff all over Long Island Sound, in the winter, as well as in the warm months.

Q: What did you like to do with him most?

JL: I enjoyed learning to fly, although he was a hard task-master, you know, not hammering, but you know, quite rigorous. I'd enjoyed diving with him.

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