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Jon Lindbergh on:
Being in the Limelight

Jon Lindbergh Q: You talked about his fame a little bit. Did you ever feel that growing up?

JL: Well, it was restricting in a sense. My parents were worried about too much public attention, the kidnapping was always sort of in the background. So, I would say it was extreme, but it was always there. I don't think any of us had the freedom to mix around with the local neighborhood, as my children for instance did. There was so much, you know, intense public pressure and attention in those early years. It was real.

Q: Do you think he paid a price for the fame?

JL: Well, he certainly paid a price in the fame that went with it, and it encouraged a great deal of attention. And he got tired of that fairly quickly and was never able easily to get away from it. And he had a very strong wish to get away from it from time to time. It gave him a lot of advantages when he went to try and talk to you know, the President of Peru or the President of the Philippines to try set aside, natural parks, or to reduce the amount of whaling. The background of the flight, and the fact that he was so well known, gave him quite an edge there. But, he was also a very private individual and didn't like to have people hovering over him all the time.

Q: In a way, the only thing that he was willing to go back into the limelight for was conservation.

JL: Yes. In the last half of his life, he felt that it was important enough, that it was worth it. He had enough attention in technical things he was doing and he was just as happy if nobody knew about it. But, he hoped the conservation need to be emphasized. Twenty years ago, thirty years ago it wasn't. Now, you know, a lot of people know about it, thirty years ago nobody paid any attention to it. And he felt that it was very important that that concept be recognized--that we begin to look at what's happening in this world. And what perhaps we can do to elevate some of the more dangerous developments.

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