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Jon Lindbergh on:
His Fathers Heroism

Jon Lindbergh Q: Why do you think we're so drawn to him?

JL: Well, I think quite a lot goes back to the flight which attracted a great deal of interest in a time in history where one individual became a public figure. His determination in areas that he put his effort into made an effect, to this day. He went into conservation and tried to avoid the elimination of some species of whales. When he went into some places where there were primitive people, he tried to learn what was going on, tried to keep it from disappearing in the turnover of our new society. And every time he did something like this, he put a lot of effort into it, a lot of determination and people remember that. He was also quite good at it and he was effective.

Q: Do you think he was a hero?

JL: Oh, that depends how you define the word hero. In the public sense, I think yes. In what he was able to accomplish in his conservation work, I think it's very important. I suppose somebody who's able to do something important and advantageous, I think you'd call somebody like that a hero. I think he would probably want to be remembered for his conservation work compared to his technical work. No, he didn't deprecate really what some of his technical accomplishments were. I think he felt more appreciative of, you know, what he was able to do in a conservation sense.

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