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Jon Lindbergh on:
The Familys Island Home

Jon Lindbergh Q: Do you remember Illiec?

JL: Yes. That was a happy time. I liked Illiec and I had a lot of freedom there. And it was, you know, a wild spectacular scene.

Q: Describe it for me.

JL: Relatively small island, very rocky, wind swept, tides that moved up and down forty feet. I used to enjoy going out with the adults and digging razor clams, looking for abalone, rocks along the shore, stones. Those kind of things.

Q: Was it a refuge?

JL: Perhaps, because it was so isolated that there wasn't a whole lot of attention there. I think the reason the family went to Europe in the first place was to a find a refuge of sorts. And the public attention was considerably less in England and in France then it was in the United States at that time.

Q: Can you describe the house for me?

JL: You should ask my mother that because she had a strong affinity for it. It was, I would say, a small chateau, although as a small child it seemed pretty big to me. There was no plumbing. There was no electricity. And you get your water out of a pump. The day to day tasks to live were much more primitive than we're used to here. You could look straight into the rocks and the sea and watch the waves and the tide go in and out. I can remember a Coger eel dead on a rock that you could see out there and that to me was impressive, a big dead fish. I can remember the fields in the back, the trees and a little hill. The road coming in, the French contracting crew that tried to blast a rock, they were trying to find a place to punch a well. There we were, my father and I, hiding behind another rock, watching the fireworks.

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