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Summer of Love
Film Credits

Summer of Love

Written, Produced and Directed by
Gail Dolgin And Vicente Franco

Edited by
David Espar

Associate Producer
Lynn Adler

Assistant Editor
Lawrence Lerew

Music Composer
Gary Lionelli

David Ogden Stiers

Vicente Franco

Location Sound
Doug Dunderdale
Ray Day
Nick Bertoni
Ze Araujo
Wellington Bowler

Additional Editing
Carrie Lozano

Archival Research
Lynn Adler
Lawrence Lerew

Motion Graphics
James Kenney
Carlo A. Flores

On-line Editor
Shirley Gutierrez

Sound Design / Re-Recording Mixer
Paul J. Zahnley, CAS, Disher Music and Sound

Narration Recording Studios
Disher Music and Sound, Tom Disher / Paul J. Zahnley
Aaron-Stokes, Ltd.
Digital One

Deliverables Coordinator
Lorna MacMillan

Production Stage
Bob Elfstrom, Noe Valley Sound Stage

Additional Interviews
Martine Algier
Edward Beggs
Ron Davis
Debbie "Sunshine" Dunlap
Walter Garry
Todd Gitlin
Michael Horowitz
Jeff Lustig
Stan McDaniel
Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D.
Calvin Welch

Zev Averbach Transcriptions
Tigerfish Transcription Service

Archival Footage:
ABCNews VideoSource
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Archival Photographs
Al Clayton
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Elaine Mayes Photography
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"Ramblin Blues"
Music by B. Quincy Griffin, Courtesy of Random Cubes Music

Special Thanks
Yasha Aginsky
Joanna Allen
Robert Altman
Dzhon Athanc
Bay Area Television Archives
Gillian Boal
Jerilyn Brandelius
Al Bullock
California Historical Society
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Andrew Zanthopoulos

In Memory of:
Israel Dolgin
Carmen Izquierdo de Franco


Avid Supervisor
Robert Geen

Unit Manager
Jolee Hoyt

Associate Producer
Robin Epstein

Coordinating Producer
Rachel Raney

Executive Manager
Sue Ellen McCann

Executive In Charge
Michael J. Isip

American Experience

Post Production
Greg Shea
Glenn Fukushima

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-line Editor
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Mark Adler

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Jay Fialkov
Maureen Jordan

Project Administration
Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano
Sherene Ing
Vanessa Ruiz

Nancy Farrell
Ravi Jain
Stewart Smith
Li Wei

Director of New Media
Maria Daniels

Director of Marketing
Susan Trabucchi

Daphne B. Noyes
Lauren Prestileo

Series Editor
Susan Bellows

Senior Editor
Paul Taylor

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

A Franco Dolgin Productions Film for American Experience in association with KQED

© 2007
WGBH Educational Foundation
All Rights Reserved.

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Summer of Love American Experience

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