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Summer of Love
Looking Back

Peter Coyote came to San Francisco to get a Masters degree in creative writing. He directed the national tours of the radical San Francisco Mime Troupe and joined an anarchist street theater group, the Diggers.

Peter Coyote
Peter Coyote against barn, 1967.

Whatever we learned, we learned from making a complete commitment. ... The search for some kind of moral stance ... the search for justice and some kind of economic equity ... trying to leave a smaller footprint on the planet ... exploring alternative spiritual and medical practices ... they were all valid searches and they've all been completely integrated into the culture today. They're so integrated that you don't even notice them. No, we didn't end imperialism. We didn't end capitalism. We didn't do a lot of things we wanted to do. But there's no place you can go today where you can't find organic food, where you can't find yoga lessons or a chiropractor or you can't find some kind of spiritual alternative or some kind of acupuncture or alternative medicine.

We did that, our generation. I'm proud of that. I wish we'd been omniscient. You know, I wish we hadn't made any mistakes or been able to do everything we wanted to do. But that would have probably meant that the world would come to an end because there'd be nothing left for the next generation to do. So -- I did my part. I'm still doing it.

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Summer of Love American Experience

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