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Summer of Love
Looking Back

Joel Selvin became interested in the San Francisco music scene when he was a student at Berkeley High School in the 1960s.

Joel Selvin

I really remember thinking that all this could be cleared up, that I'd cleaned my brain, I knew what was right, and there were around me other people that shared the same sense. And it seemed possible. But I mean the country's so without compassion these days, and all the stuff about being brothers and sisters, loving one another is just a trite, empty cliché mouthed by knuckleheads that don't know any better.

What a shame. For a minute there ... it was real, and we all knew it, and it was in our hearts and in our minds. And if we could've continued to act on that and grow on that, you know, who knows what happens? But we didn't. And what's left is like a ring around the bathtub. You know, it's just a residue of something much greater.

But the residue is there, and I see it, and I'm glad for it. And if that's what we get, I'll take it.

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Summer of Love American Experience

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