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APRIL 5, 1967 Council for the Summer of Love (1:15)

City officials worry that that San Francisco will be inundated with young people once schools let out for the summer. Hippies organize to address concerns about overcrowding and potential health and safety hazards. For thirteen year-old Sandi Stein, who would make the trip to California, "ideas of peace and love were wonderful" when so many of the families in her Boston neighborhood were grieving sons lost in Vietnam.


BBC, KRON, Research Video transcript

...Americans loving love and hoping peace... are journeying here...

"While America nightmares its military hells of the mind, Americans loving love and hoping peace and seeking wisdom and guidance have turned toward the Haight-Ashbury and are journeying here. Our best efforts have so far failed to gather civic support and material resources for the many thousand expected...

If you want to journey to San Francisco you should bring in addition to flowers and bananas:
1) Money for rents and food. 2) Sleeping bags and rucksacks (or packframes) 3) Extra food (brown rice and soysauce -- 100 lb. bags at rice mills for $12 4) Camping equipment for living in wilderness and national parks 5) Warm clothing for very cold foggy San Francisco summer climate 6) Proper identification."

-- The San Francisco Oracle, Vol. 1, Issue 8, p. 32

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