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October 6, 1966 January 14, 1967 April 5, 1967 June 21, 1967 October 6, 1967
OCTOBER 6, 1967 Death of the Hippie (0:31)

Hippies stage a mock funeral to signal the end of San Francisco's overhyped, overattended hippie scene. As Mary Ellen Kasper will later recall, the message was, "Stay where you are! Bring the revolution to where you live."

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Robert Charlton/The Behind Blue Corporation

...the decentralization of free people...

With the current Death of the Hippie and the decentralization of free people -- getting away from crowded street scene mass media focus points -- Many will be seeking new areas to live in. I would like to make the suggestion that anyone willing to help a budding scene flower make a move to Louisville, Kentucky. The scene there began to grow with the opening of the town's 1st Dance & light show place around six months ago, but we need more turned-on real people. There is plenty of housing with low rent in many old victorian houses in the downtown area. Also some beautiful country scenes...

Love, Love, Love
Kevin O'Dea

-- The San Francisco Oracle, Vol. 1, Issue 11, p. X

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