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OCTOBER 6, 1966 Love Pageant (0:24)

Soon after Timothy Leary touts the benefits of LSD in the counterculture phrase, "Turn on, tune in, drop out," California classifies it as an illegal drug. San Francisco hippies respond with a Love Pageant to celebrate the mind-altering qualities of psychedelic drugs.



...a celebration... of chemical mysticism...

"SIXTH OF OCTOBER, 1966, Lunatic Protest Demonstration: a celebration to demonstrate opposition to legislative repression of chemical mysticism...

Six hundred to a thousand young souls (an educated guess) dancing with brave banners waving over their looney[sic] heads. Posters and placards in evidence. The one I loved best said: THE TRUELY INSANE ARE HELPLESS! I stood under that sign surrounded by the sanest people in San Francisco...

Young Beautifuls, young beggars and mummers, dancers and singers, laughing boys and girls -- soon to be outlawed -- that afternoon layed down their gentle message, loud and clear. LOVE.

For a few hours on October Sixth, they had their world their way."

-- The San Francisco Oracle, Vol. 1, Issue 2, p. 3

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