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The Film and More
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The American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Written, Produced and Directed by
Austin Hoyt

Directed and Coproduced by
Sarah Holt

Edited by
Bernice K. Schneider
Sarah Holt

Terry Hopkins

Music by
Michael Bacon

Director of Archival Research
Karen Cariani

Associate Producer
David Condon

David Ogden Stiers

Production Assistants
Carla Prisco Raimer
Andrew Tolliver

Production Manager
Tobee Phipps

Series Editor
Paul Taylor

Graphic Design
Alison Kennedy

Aerial Photography
William B. McCullough

Field Audio
Edward B. Jennings, Jr.
Dick Williams
Steve Hawk
Donald Hooper

Assistant Camera
William B. McCullough
Dick Williams

Additional Camera
Rob Rainey

Assistant Editors
Robert Todd
Mark Strand
Kathy Eck

Archival Researchers
Joan M. Mathys
Liana E. Romulo
Miho Kometani
Catherine Sager

Location Managers

The Philippines
Boyette Rimban
Liana Romulo

Miho Kometani

Mu Hong Jeon
Teresa Kang
Young-sin Kim

Catherine Sager

On-line Editor
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
Richard Bock

Narration Record
John Jenkins

Animation Photography
Dan Nutu

Photo Restoration
Dan Nutu
Paul Wilson

Score Preparation
Winfried Kraus

Ed Giuffre
Tayfun Kon
Mark Benedict

Additional Music
"Colonel Bogey" by Kenneth Alford, used with permission by Boosey & Hawkes Inc.

Translation Voiceover
Thomas Derrah

Jonathan Lonian
Katherine McMorran
Bridget Pickering
James F. Thompson

Archival Footage and Photographs
ABCNews VideoSource
John E. Allen, Inc.
A/P Wide World Photos
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Archive Photos
Australian War Memorial
Charles Canada, Jr.
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Film World Pty Limited
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Phyllis Kades
Library of Congress
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National Archives
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National Historical Institute
Nebraska State Historical Society
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Admiral Nimitz Museum
North Korean Documentary Film Studio
Pacific Basin Institute
Quezon Family Collection
Thames Collection
Harry S Truman Library
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University of South Carolina Film Library
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US Military Academy Library
The Washington Post
David L. Wolper Productions

Special Thanks to

D. Clayton James, author, The Years of MacArthur

James Zobel, The MacArthur Memorial Archives

1st Texas Artillery
Maho Abe
Branch House, Richmond
Brazilian Court, Palm Beach
Company E, 28th Infantry, 1st Division A.E.F.
Corregidor Foundation
Prestine Dehrkoop
Galeria Palacio, El Paso
Great War Association
Great War Militaria
Hebert's Candy
Champ Johnson
Kirk Documentary Group
Caesar Krauss Memorial Site
Manila Hotel
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Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
John Smith and the Friends of Fort Selden
United States Military Academy


Post Production
Frank Capria
Maureen Barden

On-air Promotion
James Dunford

Field Production
Larry LeCain
Bob McCausland
Chas Norton
Robert Tompkins

Series Designers
Alison Kennedy
Chris Pullman

Title Animation
Lizard Lounge Graphics, Inc.

On-line Editor
Mark Steele

Series Theme
Charles Kuskin

Series Theme Adaptation
Michael Bacon

Business Manager
Christine Larson

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Helen R. Russell

Interactive Media
Danielle Dell'Olio

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Joseph Tovares

Senior Producer
Mark Samels

Executive Producer
Margaret Drain

(c) 1999
WGBH Educational Foundation
All rights reserved

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